About Prisonimage.org


A Specialist Service 

Established in 2013, Prison Image supply organisations with cost-effective still and moving imagery relating to the UK prison system. 


We have a growing library of over 1600 images [link to galleries] available for organisations for use in their digital and printed materials. We also accept commissions for photographic or film assignments in, or relating to, UK prisons. 


Unbiased Images

Our powerful and original images have helped to dispel myths about all aspects of prison life. This has helped to support charities aims, government department's work and the prisons themselves. [client list] They have provided a better understanding of the complex issues faced by prisoners, their families and prison staff working within this environment.


Experienced and Professional

Our award-winning photographer has over 10 years’ experience of working in UK prisons and with prisoners and their families. In this time, he has worked in more than 15 prisons and with more than 30 organisations and publications related to prison life. He is aware of the specific challenges and requirements of working in this area. 

Our observational documentary film-maker has over 10 years experience working with many charitiable organisations on various projects. 


Please browse our image galleries here or get in touch here to discuss your image needs.